Introducing OutreachPete – Blogger Outreach With a Difference!

July 15, 2018
Introducing OutreachPete – Blogger Outreach With  a Difference!

Thanks for stopping by the newly launched! We’re on a mission to create the highest quality and most scalable blogger outreach service there is (and that’s no joke). Read on to find out how…



The Problem With Blogger Outreach

There is a serious problem in the blogger outreach space, too many outreach agencies are of the mentality that ‘a link is a link’ and they can deliver almost anything to customers as long as it ticks a box.

They just want the customer to see the ‘correct’ DA metric in their toolbar, look at the link and go ‘yep that’s the right URL and anchor text’ and move onto the next order.

However, there’s a scathing problem with this. What’s that you ask?

They’re putting their customers at risk! Without proper due diligence an outreach agency is not only doing their clients a disservice but they’re being irresponsible.

There is no concern for whether the blogs are high quality, actually deserve the DA rating they have, are in a risky link neighborhood or will potentially do harm to their client’s sites.

In addition, these agencies are happy to charge an extortionate fee for this level of service, something which just seems to be the norm when it comes to SEO outsourcing these days.

Thankfully, those days are over with the launch of OutreachPete!



Why OutreachPete Exists

OutreachPete is here to change the industry, by addressing all the problems above and give you a blogger outreach service that you can wholeheartedly trust without breaking the bank!

Take a look at our pricing and you’ll see that we’re one of the most competitive agencies on the market.

When you order with OutreachPete we take away the worry over whether the quality or relevancy will be up to scratch.

You can simply sign up to our dashboard, place your order and know that you’ll be delivered quality links that can be easily white labelled as if you built them yourself.

No more link shame. Get Started Now!

This isn’t just empty words, we’ve put together a service level promise that we stand by.



Our Service Level Promise

We promise that every successful outreach placement we deliver will have the following guarantees against them:

1) 100% genuine blogger outreach, only real blogs owned and run by real bloggers.

2) Before we approach any site we will perform the following additional sanity checks:
– The blog also has an equally high Ahrefs DR (domain rating) in addition to its Moz DA rating to avoid inflated metrics.
– The blogs are ranking for and pulling in their own organic traffic in Google, simply having a strong link profile isn’t enough.

3) Our focus for every order is on quality and relevancy, your clients will be represented with links that you’ll be proud to show them and white label as your own.

4) We only hire skilled native English writers producing engaging content that blogs will love and be excited to post. Our posts have even gained their own links naturally, further adding to the value clients receive.


Sound good? Sign up now to get started Or if you want to know a little more about our process read on to find out more.



Our Methodology

The team at OutreachPete have been building blogger relationships for years, so thankfully we have all the tools of the trade and honed our techniques to perfection.

This allows us to gain customers coverage on high quality and relevant blogs without charging through the roof.

We’re the only service offering this service at an affordable cost, start now.



1) Content Ideation

When a new order comes in the first thing we do is go to the drawing board and start brainstorming some engaging content we can create that bloggers are likely to latch onto.

If it’s too broad we’ll never get the content successfully placed, the bloggers we work with really care about quality.

Alternatively, if it’s too quirky or niche we might struggle to find an angle to legitimately include our client’s brand.

So, we need to come up with something that’s relatable to your industry but is still going to excite, engage and provide value to blog readers at the same time.

It’s not unknown for our content to get a lot of engagement from social shares and even additional links, what other provider can give you that?

This step alone is a LOT of work and tricky to get right, outsourcing to OutreachPete at an affordable price frees up your team to focus on other areas.



2) Researching Relevant Blogs to Pitch

The next step is to do extensive research and find a number of potentially suitable blogs for the produced content.

As mentioned in our service level guarantee above there are several sanity checks we perform before even getting in touch with a potential blogger.

The blog HAS to have rankings and traffic coming in from Google, in today’s SEO landscape it’s simply not good enough to get published on blogs that have little traffic and readers.

Our pricing is based on DA (domain authority) but we also sanity check against Ahrefs’ DR (domain rating) to ensure the blogger hasn’t artificially inflated their DA.

Finally, and most importantly, we make sure that any blog we pitch is a relevant fit for the content we’ve produced. This not only ensures a high success rate in getting bloggers interested enough in our content to publish it, but also (we believe) passes a lot more positive signals to Google.

If you read any link building or SEO blogs you’ve likely heard the phrase ‘relevancy is the new pagerank’, and that’s because it’s true. So, we make sure every order gives our customers the most value for money possible.

OutreachPete not only delivers quality links at affordable prices, we keep you safe for the long term! Get started straight away.



3) The Big Pitch

It’s showtime! From our shortlist of relevant blogs our team gets to work and starts working their magic to generate interest from bloggers.

Once we’ve got enough traction from our outreach and feel the relationship is at the right stage, we will send over the content to them and see if they like it enough to publish to their audience.

The reason we reach out to several blogs is that it’s all down to personal discretion. Sometimes the blogger will have content already lined up for the next 3-4 weeks, sometimes they’ll be busy with other projects and sometimes they might just think it’s not a fit for them.

We don’t know the answer until we ask the question, so we build up relationships and prepare several bloggers for potentially receiving the same piece of content. Saving you the hard work and inevitable disappointment that is part of the process!

We have a very high success rate in placing content due to our relevant targeting, quality of writers and skilled outreach professionals.

However, if we find that we just can’t get any takers for a certain piece it’s back to step 1 to produce new alternative content and start again! Get on board now.



4) Blog Publication

Once we’ve got a blogger on board and willing to publish our content it’s a case of patiently waiting. If necessary we follow up bloggers and remind them about the piece (they’re busy people!).

Once the blog has gone live we then check it over to see if the blogger has kept our client’s link/mention in the published version. If so, great! We send the final URL onto the customer via our fully transparent dashboard.

However, if the blogger has decided to remove the client mention there are no hard feelings. We go back to step 1 and start over again.

OureachPete isn’t here to force links onto sites, only provide great value and help our customer’s gain exposure in the process. So no matter how long it takes we’ll persevere if we’ve accepted the order.

That’s it! Simple in process, but it takes a lot of time and dedication which most agencies and marketers just don’t have the capacity for in their already busy schedules.

Sound like you? sign up now and let us help you out without sacrificing on quality or price.



The Results

The result of our efforts is that clients see sustained organic growth, and not just short-lived results. Check out our case studies for more information on the exact numbers and results for some of our customers.

Our blogger outreach services have helped well optimized websites absolutely transform their rankings and traffic, resulting in real commercial improvements!

We’ve built a service that keeps agencies and in-house marketers returning to us for years and years, not just a couple of months at a time.

Why not try out our services by signing up today and placing a sample order? We’re sure you’ll love it!

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