Blogger Outreach

Why Our Blogger Outreach Campaigns are the Best Option for SEOs

To put it simply, we care about your link building and SEO results, we really do!

Publishing Super Relevant Content

When conducting outreach, all of the content we send is written by university educated native English speakers, tailored to your clients to offer the highest relevancy and best results.

We only ever send full posts out to bloggers, meaning the links are completely relevant and never jammed into existing content.

Gaining the Best Authority Placements

As we pitch fresh content to bloggers the published links are often featured on the website’s homepage, shared on social channels and are viewed and clicked on by real readers. Unlike other agencies, we will never ask bloggers to simply place client links in old content.

This means your links get indexed quicker, receive more pagerank and are within a post completely tailored to your client’s niche.

This is the safest and most effective way to build links and keeps Google organic traffic growing over time.

Providing Long term value

All our blogger outreach campaigns are focused around providing long term value. No tricks,
no black hat techniques – just in-content editorial links on real sites with real traffic.

Our team of SEOs perform checks on so much more than just the headline DA/DR/Traffic metrics – meaning the links we build will stand the test of time!

Guaranteeing Great Service

Read our service level guarantee, no other blogger outreach service puts in as much research and vetting work to ensure all editorial links provide value and keep clients safe.

You’re not just getting backlinks for your money, you’re getting the expertise and care of a team of dedicated SEO specialists who are on hand should you need us.

How It Works

1. Sign Up & Log In

Log into our easy to use client dashboard.

Choose your package and provide URLs, anchor text and any additional instructions you may have.

 We’ll confirm your order and get started!

2. Content Writing

Our writers then create relevant and high-quality content to pitch to bloggers.

Each piece starts at 500 words and includes your client link as well as supplementary backlinks to other non-competing websites.

You will be the only client link in each post – guaranteed!

3. Blogger Outreach

Our team take your shiny new content and outreach to highly relevant blogs for publication.

Every blog we work with is checked for a high number of quality measures and metrics to make sure the link is going to have a positive impact.

4. Delivery

We report back with your successful link placements as and when they come in. (Usually within 2-4 weeks of ordering).

Blogger Outreach Pricing and Packages


DA 20-34

Domain Authority is a measure of the link authority of a publisher.

The higher a publisher's DA, the more likely that a link from that website will add value to your own authority and Google rankings.

Value Price Point, Ideal for Low Competition Keywords

100% Genuine Outreach

Real Sites With Real Traffic

Content Writing Included

You Select URL & Anchor Text

Turnaround up to 30 days*

$140 USD


DA 35-44

Domain Authority is a measure of the link authority of a publisher.

The higher a publisher's DA, the more likely that a link from that website will add value to your own authority and Google rankings.

Higher Authority Placements, Priced For Results on a Budget

100% Genuine Outreach

Real Sites With Real Traffic

Content Writing Included

You Select URL & Anchor Text

Turnaround up to 30 days*

$200 USD


DA 45+

Domain Authority is a measure of the link authority of a publisher.

The higher a publisher's DA, the more likely that a link from that website will add value to your own authority and Google rankings.

Outstanding Authority Placements & Absolute Best Results

100% Genuine Outreach

Real Sites With Real Traffic

Content Writing Included

You Select URL & Anchor Text

Turnaround up to 30 days*

$270 USD

Benefits of Using Blogger Outreach for Link Building

Increase Search Rankings

Our clients see fantastic growth in Google rankings from our backlinks. No other service out there offers a safe and scalable solution that can be relied on for the prices we charge.

Sure, there are plenty of blackhat services that will offer a short-term boost, but that’s not us. We offer a service that’s not only competitive on price, but provides results that last the test of time.

This is why we’re the ultimate solution for agencies and marketers looking for an outsourced link building partner they can trust!

High Trust Links

It’s not just about domain authority (DA) these days!

We put in a range of checks to make sure links are high quality, trustworthy and will move the needle without Google penalties.

Every site we work with has been vetted for DA, DR and had a thorough audit of its organic traffic and rankings profile. This ensures that the bloggers we work with pass real value onto your clients and don’t just tick a metrics box.

Minimal Footprints

Blogger outreach from OutreachPete earns clients editorial and in-content links through the fresh posts we send out.

Posts are published by the editorial staff, meaning no author boxes or guest post footprints. We make sure that your link is in a fresh piece of content, published natively as part of the blog’s normal output.

Social Engagement

Because we work with real blogs with real traffic our content gets in front of relevant audiences too!

Bloggers often share our pieces on social media and their email newsletters for an extra boost. You often get so much more than just a backlink!

Consultancy & Advice

If you are to sign up to one of our monthly link building packages we’ll assign you a dedicated account manager. 

Our experts will give advice on URL selection, anchor text strategy, link velocity and even competitor analysis for you.

Or if you’re already clued up and don’t need link strategy advice your account manager is still there doing the heavy lifting for you.

He/she will work away in the background, continuing to quality check everything, project manage large orders and make sure of a timely delivery.

Grow Your Revenue

Why are we link building? It’s to increase brand awareness and ultimately revenue for you and your clients. 

With a trusted provider like OutreachPete, you can focus on growing your business – leave the links
to us!

First Time With OutreachPete?

OutreachPete is a safe, scalable and affordable outreach solution for agencies and in-house marketers. 

We are sure you’ll love our service, and so your first order is backed up by our guarantee. For single placement trial orders, we’ll completely refund your money and request the mentions are removed if you’re not satisfied.

Can’t get fairer than that, right?

Pete, Founder and Head of Outreach

What Others Say About Our Blogger Outreach Services

Rich Presley

SEO Agency Executive

OutreachPete provides links that move the needle AND keeps clients safe.
I haven’t found anything else that does that for the money.

John Owens SEO Agency Owner

John Owens

Marketing Agency Owner

I love that OP gets links on sites that have solid metrics, organic traffic and are niche-relevant. It means I can white label links for clients with no worries.

K. MacRae

Affiliate Marketer

I’ve tried a lot of different link providers in my time. Nobody puts in more effort, care or attention to make sure the results are up to scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our word count starts at 500; however you can upgrade to 750 words or 1000 words upon checkout for a small fee. This helps keep things natural, allows our team to explore topics in more depth and avoids common footprints with Google.

Advice for Link Building Using Blogger Outreach

Link Velocity

If you need to increase the volume of links to your site it should be layered over time.

It’s both safer and more effective to increase the inbound link volume steadily over a longer period than dump a large volume all at once.

In fact, we’ve actually seen sites become actively suppressed by going from a low to very high number of links in a short space of time. Especially in the affiliate space where there wouldn’t be any natural reason for this to happen.

Anchor Text

For best results you should focus on a mix of anchor text, don’t repeat the same anchors over and over again (unless it’s the brand name or website URL).

We have a LOT of data at OutreachPete and from analyzing this it shows us that exact match anchors are high risk and low reward.

In 2019 and beyond exact match anchor text seems to do more damage than good.

Therefore for best results we recommend using a mix of brand terms, generic/URL anchors and partial match anchors.

DA (Domain Authority)

Domain Authority is only one of the metrics you should use when evaluating links. At OutreachPete we put in a lot of additional checks but our prices are based on DA as it’s the most commonly used format. 

It’s recommended to not just stick to one authority of link, as this doesn’t naturally fit how sites are linked to on the web.

So, for example, instead of ordering 10 medium tier links, it would be more effective to order 3x Platinum 1x High and 1x Medium links. Or sign up for one of our monthly link subscriptions which give you a mix of DA at a discounted price.

Page Selection

Just like with domain authority you should build links to a range of different pages, not just 1 target. 

Naturally most links will go to a brand’s homepage, so we recommend mixing homepage links in alongside any you build to ‘money’ pages. As long as your site architecture and technical SEO is sound the link equity will flow to your important pages from the homepage.

It can also be a good idea to build links to informational pages and blog posts too, again to keep things as natural as possible.

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