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In 2021, a report from Finder estimated that 59 million Americans own a form of cryptocurrency. This number has more than tripled since 2018, meaning there are three times as many potential customers available in the crypto market than ever before. To get these potential customers to visit your site, it is essential to improve your digital marketing.

But it isn’t an easy task. There is fierce competition in cryptocurrency business to grab the top result of internet search engines; the best spot to attract attention and gain more users. 

If you are looking to increase the amount of traffic coming to your website, get ahead of your crypto competitors and gain more sales, then choose OutreachPete to build your backlinks.

As a reputable SEO agency, OutreachPete works with clients to help them gain a beneficial online presence. This can be a difficult process in such a competitive industry, but our strategies have proven time and again to succeed. Our team works hard so the client’s site is presented to the business’ target audience and is on the best course to success.

By using our link building service, you are taking the first step towards securing a higher position in the search engine rankings.

How Our Process Works for Crypto Clients

As we are firm believers in producing quality over quantity, we will only produce content that is relevant to a client’s business. In other words, our teams works to ensure the articles are related to cryptocurrency, the client’s chosen URL and the publishing site. This is just one of the reasons we are one of the leading link building services in the industry.

There are slight differences to this process of building links due to the nature of the cryptocurrency market.  Bloggers can be cautious publishing posts about Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other types of digital currency on their site. As a result, finding suitable placements for crypto links takes more time and effort.

1. Sign Up Before Placing an Order

  • Create an account on our easily accessible dashboard.

  • Provide your chosen data (URLs, anchor texts, etc.) after choosing the tier for your link and/or package.

  • Our team will begin after your order has been confirmed.

2. Writers Create Valuable Content

  • Fresh content, including your cryptocurrency website link, will be written by our team.

  • Word count starts at 500 words, but this can be increased for an additional price.

  • Only one client link will be included in every piece.

  • There will be additional backlinks included in your piece; these links will be from non-competitors related to the crypto niche.

3. Finding A Relevant Website

  • All blogs chosen for our cryptocurrency clients are relevant and high authority.

  • We run several quality checks to ensure the client link will gain the best results.

  • As previously mentioned, this step can take longer than other niches due to the extra work required to place crypto-related links and content.

4. Delivery

  • Once completed, your live link will be delivered within 2 – 4 weeks of the order being placed.

Why Use You Should Use Our Crypto Link Building Services

Writing Quality Content Related to the Crypto Niche

We are proud to have a team of writers who produce brand new cryptocurrency content to a high standard. Their articles are tailored to the client data, which allows for a more seamless linking. As all of our content is fresh, we never insert links into old content.

It has been well documented that clients receive more sustainable results from white hat techniques, and that’s what our team offers to crypto clients.

Our team of researchers are well versed in finding relevant blogs that have previously mentioned cryptocurrency in posts. This is an incredibly important stage in our strategy – bloggers can, and will reject, articles that have no relevance to their website – so we create relevant, high quality content to avoid rejection.

Finding the Best Publishing Platforms

Our strategy keeps clients, and their businesses, safe. We do not use black hat link building techniques or use link farms, and this avoid Google penalties. By using our marketing expertise, we know our cryptocurrency backlinks are indexed quicker and gain better pagerank.

The websites used by OutreachPete have a good structure, pages of content and organic traffic. For our cryptocurrency clients, we also ensure the blogs have previously published articles related to this niche.

By analysing the traffic pattern of the site, we can also guarantee your published post will be available to real readers with an interest in the crypto industry.

Our content can be found on blogs’ homepages and by searching the keywords. Some bloggers even promote our content on their social media channels, which can give your backlink an extra boost and help your website beat other sites.

Focusing on Sustainable Results

While using black hat link building strategies may provide instant results, you can expect these results to dwindle quickly.

We aim to give our customers in the cryptocurrency market long-term value using ethical, white hat techniques.

Quality Service Guaranteed

Our team is comprised of SEO specialists dedicated to providing our clients with the best experience. We use our strategy in a way that keeps our crypto clients, their businesses and ourselves safe.

If you ever have any questions or would like to discuss our process further, a member of our team is always available to help.

Our service level guarantee can be read here.

Crypto Link Building Pricing

There are various packages and tier levels we offer to fit the goals and the budget set out by your cryptocurrency company or client.

We charge a premium for this service to reflect the additional time and effort we put into securing relevant placements for cryptocurrency links. This is necessary as some bloggers can be reluctant to publish articles that include content and backlinks related to Bitcoin and other forms of digital currency.


per link

DA 20-34

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days


per link

DA 35-44

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days


per link

DA 45+

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days

Take a look at our testimonials from previous clients and case studies here.

We also offer subscription packages for building links to cryptocurrency sites. You can contact us here if you would like a quote for this service.

The Benefits of Using Blogger Outreach Crypto Link Building Services

Increase Your Cryptocurrency Website’s Ranking

We are one of the leading SEO services on offer for crypto link building.

Our strategy to gain long-term results has a proven track record in the cryptocurrency niche.

If you are looking for trustworthy outreach services at a competitive price, then OutreachPete is the one for you.

High Trust Backlinks From Relevant Sites

To improve your rank in the search engines without risking penalties from Google, we strive to use only ethical methods to build outbound links. This has become tougher as Google continues to crack down on SEO strategies, but we have continued to succeed in the crypto industry.

Our team conducts thorough audits to make sure the blogs we work with are to a high standard. We look at the Domain Authority, Domain Rating, traffic patterns, spam score and rankings. This assists us in making the most effective backlinks.

Minimizing Internet Footprints

Although our cryptocurrency content is written by our team of writers, the articles are published as in-content editorial posts. This means your content will not be tagged as a guest post or sponsored.

We can guarantee your crypto content will be completely fresh. Your backlink will not be inserted into an old post.

By following this strategy, we avoid detection from ranking algorithms and Google.

Engage With People Interested in Crypto

We put a lot of work in to find blogs with the highest quality traffic.

By using OutreachPete, your post is more likely to gain access to an audience who have already shown interest in Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. This could mean more page views on your crypto website and an increase in potential customers.

If the site your content is posted on has linked social media platforms, there is also potential for your article to reach even more internet users.

Expert Advice & Assistance From SEO Specialists

To receive extra assistance, you can sign up for a monthly subscription for crypto links. This type of package comes with the added addition of an account manager, who will advise you throughout the entire procedure.

Your account manager will give your crypto business the ultimate advantage over your competition. They are on hand to assist you in choosing the best URL and anchor text. This will be decided after looking over your cryptocurrency site and discussing what goal you want to pursue. For example, you might aim for a boost in the cryptocurrency search results.

Our monthly packages are often discounted, which benefits companies who have a tighter budget but still wish to improve their SEO and watch their cryptocurrency website gain the highest quality traffic. Contact us for a quote today.

Your Revenue Will Grow

Gaining an online presence is tough, but it is especially tough for businesses in the cryptocurrency industry. There are plenty of websites specialising in this niche already, and trying to stand out can feel like a waste of time and resources.

But, by outsourcing your link building needs to OutreachPete, this can leave you with additional time to grow your crypto business further. You can focus on other areas while we work to improve your visibility by gaining more traffic, climbing up the search engine results, and so on.

This will improve your SEO efforts while also increasing the revenue of your cryptocurrency business.

What Links You Can Expect From OutreachPete's Crypto Services?

At OutreachPete, we respect the rules and regulations set out by Google to give our crypto clients organic traffic and sustainable results.

Our team puts a lot of work and effort into our strategies. As a result, Google has a valid reason to rank your cryptocurrency website higher in the search engine for a longer period of time.

We aim to improve the user experience. This includes completing the process to a high standard; writing unique content relevant to the cryptocurrency industry, including the client backlink, publishing on a website that has previously posted articles related to the niche.

The Types of Websites We Use for Crypto Link Building

We believe it is important to only work with publishing platforms after they have passed several quality checks. Software, like Ahrefs, Moz and Semrush, is used to determine the quality of the sites.

If the answers to the following questions meet the guidelines for the chosen link or package, we will work with the blog.

There are three separate cut-off points for the DA of the blogs we work with; this is dependent on the link tier the client has bought.

  • Medium tier links will be allocated sites with a DA between 20 and 34.
  • High tier links will be allocated sites with a DA between 35 and 44.
  • Platinum tier links will be allocated websites with a DA of 45+.

Similar to DA, the organic traffic levels a website needs will depend on the chosen link tier.

  • Medium tier sites will have an organic traffic level of 100+.
  • High tier sties will have a level of 300+.
  • Platinum tier websites will have an organic traffic level of at least 500.

We are able to view the site’s traffic by country.

So, if you are based in the UK, for example, we can work to narrow down the sites to ones with UK traffic.

Unfortunately, we are unable to narrow this down further by city and other aspects of target audience. However, we can use the blog’s content to conclude the type of people who would read the articles.

If a client already has a backlink from a site, we will not select that website for their order.

We can see this by researching previous links built for a client using Ahrefs.

We will only use sites that provide dofollow links; Google is more likely to recognise this type of link.

It is a useful tactic in SEO as authority, or “link juice”, is passed to the client’s site from the placement blog.

We will not use a website if it is spammy. To avoid blogs with a lot of spam content, we look out for:

  • Page errors, broken links, etc.
  • Keyword stuffing and over optimization
  • No or very little original content
  • Lots of adverts

We will never use a blog if it includes articles labelled as “sponsored” or “guest posts”. This also includes disclaimers of affiliate links.

By ensuring there are already backlinks to cryptocurrency websites, we know the blogger will accept our content. 

It also guarantees that there are readers who have an interest in this niche.

Here are the categories of websites we use for link building in the cryptocurrency niche:

Cryptocurrency Sites
Finance Sites
Business Sites
Tech Sites
Lifestyle Sites

The success of building links for the cryptocurrency niche relies on the quality of both the publishing website and the client’s site. If the pages of the client’s site are not built correctly for search engine optimization, search engines will not rank it.

OutreachPete’s services are designed to help you get and stay ahead of your competitors in the cryptocurrency niche by putting your site in the best possible ranking position.

Remember, a well organised website with a clear structure is easier to find and more effective when trying to win over more customers in the cryptocurrency niche.