Cannabis Link Building Services

Cannabis continues to be legalized in more and more states
across America.

The demand for marijuana continues to grow, and cannabis
websites could potentially be the one-stop-shop for customers.

By using OutreachPete to increase your online presence,
you will improve your chances of appearing on the radar
of potential customers.

To improve your chances of increasing the traffic coming to your website, you can obtain the help of cannabis link building services, like OutreachPete. Your site’s online visibility will improve, leading to more visits from people who have already shown an interest in cannabis.

Blogs, who we have formed a relationship with and have organic traffic, will publish freshly written content that will include your link.

Our team has extensive knowledge of search engine optimization, and we have worked with many clients in the cannabis market. We are dedicated to building high-quality links; these links are the driving force behind your cannabis site climbing the ranks.

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

Our cannabis link building services can be used by any person or company involved in this particular niche.

Some examples of who can benefit the most from this service include:

Agencies with Cannabis Clients

Do you have a client with a cannabis business? Then OutreachPete is available to help you give them the best results possible to make more sales and increase brand awareness!


Would you like to beat your competitors as the demand for cannabis products grows? Our cannabis link building service can help your business move ahead in the competition.

E-Commerce Stores

Are you looking for more customers? We can help you target the correct audience for your products and boost your visibility to attract more traffic to your site.

Health Specialists

Do you specialise in the medicinal benefits of cannabis? We can help you to build an accessible online channel to connect with your patients as well as boosting your traffic.

How Our Cannabis Link Building Strategy Works

With OutreachPete, the weight of SEO on our clients’ shoulders lightens. We take the link building workload, allowing our clients to focus their attention on other areas of their business, and commit ourselves to producing top quality links in the cannabis niche.

Our team have expert knowledge in this marketing strategy; we are aware of which techniques work best and which ones are more likely to end with Google penalties. White hat link building techniques have proven to be the most reliable and produce sustainable results; this keeps clients, bloggers and ourselves happy and safe.

By understanding the techniques and methods that are proven successful, this allows us to improve our cannabis clients’ rankings considerably. 

If higher rankings and more traffic are aspects you want your cannabis company to benefit from, continue reading to see how our strategy works.

1. Place an Order

  • Firstly, before placing your order, you must sign up for an account.

  • Then you can select the tier you wish to purchase.

  • Next, you can submit your cannabis site’s data (anchor text, URL, etc.) and our team will begin.

2. Articles are Written

  • Our writers will produce fresh content with the client’s data at the forefront.

  • These articles will contain your anchor text and URL specified in step one.

  • The word count of each article begins at 500, but this can be increased to 750 or 1,000 for a fee.

3. Pitch to Sites & Publish Content

  • Members of our team will research websites that are relevant to the cannabis niche to pitch these articles.

  • Above all, the sites we work with are of high authority and have organic traffic.

  • Due to the nature of cannabis content, some bloggers can be reluctant to publish articles on the subject of marijuana. So, it can take extra time and effort to find suitable placements for cannabis posts.

4. Receive & Deliver Live Links

  • Finally, your links will be delivered after they are live and quality checked.

  • Orders are usually completed within 2-4 weeks of being placed.

Why is OutreachPete Best for Cannabis Link Building

Our team specializes in clean and safe techniques when conducting link building, and that’s what sets us apart from other blogger outreach agencies. We work with our clientele’s safety and success at the heart of everything we do. The results we obtain for clients make a positive impact on their company by increasing their levels of organic traffic and helping them climb the search engine rankings.

We are dedicated to producing the best quality backlinks to drive more traffic to our cannabis clients’ sites, to see them climb higher in the search engine rankings, to help their businesses grow online.

Below are four aspects of our strategy that proves OutreachPete is the agency you want building links for your cannabis company website.

Write Content Relevant to the Cannabis Niche

Relevant content is one of the most important aspects of building quality backlinks, and that’s exactly what we provide. Our writers are all university educated and native English speakers, meaning you are guaranteed to receive good quality articles.

The content we write is created from the data provided by the client, which means we will never insert a link into old content. All articles written by our team are fresh and unique, tailored to the client’s cannabis industry to provide the most natural opportunity for linking to their web page.

This is also important when pitching for placements; bloggers are much more likely to accept posts if they appear natural and fit their own blog.

Find Suitable High Authority Placements

Likewise, the relevancy of the article content isn’t just important to the client, but also the blogger. We strive to find relevant websites to post cannabis content on, and we deem this by checking if they have previously posted about this topic. As a result, the blogger might even share the post on their social media platforms.

It is valuable to know that we at OutreachPete will never post an article on a bad quality blog. Our researchers run thorough audits on every site we work with to ensure our cannabis clients’ receive the best chance at success.

As we find the best websites to publish on, and our content is crafted around the client’s link, it is no surprise that our links are often indexed quicker and receive more pagerank.

Produce Sustainable Results

Our chosen techniques ensure that the results we work hard to achieve are long lasting. We aim to produce links that will cause traffic to grow over time and bring more customers to our cannabis clients’ sites. We do this by using white hat techniques.

This means we don’t use tricks, just strategies that have been proven to work safely.

Although it may be tempting to use black hat link building techniques, which offer instant results, we encourage the companies we work with to avoid them. Quick results are often very difficult, if not impossible, to sustain.

Guarantee Great Service

More importantly, the OutreachPete team consists of SEO and digital marketing specialists who aim to provide our cannabis clients the best value possible. We go above and beyond for our clients.

If you want to know more about our service level guarantee, you can read it here.

The Pricing of OutreachPete's Cannabis Link Building

Some bloggers are unwilling to publish articles related to the cannabis niche, due to the nature of marijuana content. Consequently, extra time and effort are required to source relevant, high authority placements for this specific type of content.

Therefore, our prices are slightly higher for this specialist service.


per link

DA 20-34

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days


per link

DA 35-44

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days


per link

DA 45+

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days

You can take a look at our testimonials from previous clients and case studies here

If you are interested in requesting a quote for a cannabis link building subscription, you can contact us.

How Your Cannabis Website Will Benefit from Using OutreachPete's Services

Rank Higher in Internet Search Engine

At OutreachPete, we offer long-term results for our cannabis clients, and that’s what we would like to offer you, too. Our strategies follow the rules and regulations set out by search engines, which causes better improvements to be made to a website’s rank and traffic.

Our prices are extremely competitive, and we work to all budgets. 

Hence, this is not an opportunity to let pass you by. We strive to provide businesses in the marijuana industry with the best results.

Establish Trusted Links With High Quality Sites

As we have already built relationships with bloggers around the world, that means you don’t have to.

The blogs we choose to work with have all been quality checked to meet the guidelines set out in the link tiers. This includes checking the Domain Authority and Domain Rating of the sites as well as traffic patterns, search engine rankings and spam score.

We believe using ethical methods is a key detail both the outreach agency and the blogger should follow.

Editorial Staff Publish Our Fresh Content

With OutreachPete, there are no guest posts and sponsored articles. Every piece we write is published by the blog’s own staff, so you avoid leaving a digital footprint behind.

This will put your mind at ease because there is no need to be concerned about Google penalties. The content is freshly written by the team at OutreachPete, then published by bloggers OutreachPete trusts.

Connect With the Correct Audience

Almost everyone is online; this means the best chance of gaining the right audience.

The researchers of our team choose sites that have already posted on the subject of cannabis, which means there is a readership connected to those blogs with an interest in this niche. These people are much more likely to interact with your link, resulting in more attention being directed at your website.

Also, as an agency that strictly follows white hat strategies, there are no link farms in use. In other words, real people read the articles we write.

Receive Professional Specialist Advice

If you wish to gain additional assistance in your link building venture, you may want to consider taking on a monthly subscription with us. As an added bonus, you would receive a dedicated account manager.

Above all, your manager will be up-to-date on the latest in SEO strategy, meaning you and your cannabis website are in safe hands. They will advise your decisions on URL, anchor text, and so on. This provides the perfect advantage over your competitors.

If you had any queries regarding choosing a month’s data, a call or video chat could be scheduled to allow an indepth discussion to take place. Your account manager will share their expertise with you, whether that was on link velocity or ranking for a specific key phrase. For example, if your aim was to increase the amount of local traffic visiting your cannabis web page, your expert might suggest including your location in the anchor text.

Monthly subscription packages are also discounted, which would see you saving on SEO, so contact us to request a quote for a recurring subscription.

Grow Your Cannabis Business’ Revenue

Every business wants to grow their revenue, and running your business with a cannabis website is no different.

However, by outsourcing the link building aspects of your company to OutreachPete, you can focus on other areas of your company.

What Links Do We Produce for Clients Working in the Cannabis Market?

As previously mentioned, OutreachPete uses purely white hat link building strategies; this is how we achieve great results for our clients.

Our team respects the rules set out by Google and other search engines. The rules and regulations are vital elements of improving a site’s SEO efforts – such as traffic, ranking, etc. – and we want to avoid received Google penalties. 

We also work towards maintaining sustainable and organic results, and using white hat techniques allows our team to do that.

What Sites Do We Use for Cannabis Link Building?

The websites we work with undergo thorough checks to ensure they will help our clients’ gain success, not hinder them. This means each blog is audited on several aspects; including Domain Authority, Domain Rating, spam score, and more. We determine this by using various software, like:

  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • Semrush

Whether we can use the blog or not is determined by our team, who use the software to answer the following eight questions:

There are three separate cut-off points for the DA of the blogs we work with; this is dependant on the link tier the client has bought. 

  • Medium tier links are allocated sites with a DA between 20 and 34.
  • High tier links are allocated sites with a DA between 35 and 44.
  • Platinum tier links are allocated websites with a DA of 45+.

Similar to DA, the organic traffic levels a website needs will depend on the chosen link tier.

  • Medium tier sites will have an organic traffic level of 100+.
  • High tier sties will have a level of 300+.
  • Platinum tier websites will have an organic traffic level of at least 500.

We are able to view the site’s traffic by country.

So, if you are based in the UK, for example, we can work to narrow down the sites to ones with UK traffic.

Unfortunately, we are unable to narrow this down further by city and other aspects of target audience. However, we can use the blog’s content to conclude the type of people who would read the articles.

If a client already has a backlink from a site, we will not select that website for their order.

We can see this by researching previous links built for a client using Ahrefs.

We will only use sites that provide dofollow links; Google is more likely to recognise this type of link.

It is a useful tactic in SEO as authority, or “link juice”, is passed to the client’s site from the placement blog.

We will not use a website if it is spammy. To avoid blogs with a lot of spam content, we look out for:

  • Page errors, broken links, etc.
  • Keyword stuffing and over optimization
  • No or very little original content
  • Lots of adverts

We will never use a blog if it includes articles labelled as “sponsored” or “guest posts”. This also includes disclaimers of affiliate links.

By ensuring there are already backlinks to cannabis websites, we know the blogger will accept our content. 

Also, this guarantees that there are readers who have an interest in this niche.

Here are the categories of websites we use for cannabis link building:

Cannabis Sites
CBD Sites
Medical Sites
Health Sites
Lifestyle Sites

Even though we find the most suitable and best performing sites for the cannabis businesses we work with, clients’ should remember that the standard of their website is also critical in the success of their link building campaign.

The aim is to be visible in the search results; Google is much more likely to pay attention to a site that is well structured and includes clear pages, as will potential customers.

Blogger outreach services, like OutreachPete, work towards overtaking the competitors; you can help us do this by ensuring your site has plenty of linking opportunities.