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With odds on football, soccer, racing, and many more, sports betting has quickly grown in popularity in the gambling market. The rise of mobile gambling has also been a considerable factor, as many people can now place bets from anywhere in the world.

If you have a sports betting site, you need to do everything you can to stand out from the competition. One of the best ways to do this is to have a strong backlink profile. This will tell Google that your site is an authority in your niche, and it will rank you above your competitors.

This is where OutreachPete comes in. The service we offer is one of the most effective ways to get high-quality backlinks to your sports betting site; we stand by the opinion that quality is better than quantity, and this extends to the methods we use. Our link building strategy follows white hat techniques, meaning you will be less likely to be penalized by Google than with other companies.

There are a lot of link building services out there, but not all of them are created equal. OutreachPete has a team of professionals with years of experience in the industry; we know how to get the job done quickly and effectively. With your sports betting site, you can rest assured that we will only use the best techniques to get you the backlinks you need.

How Does Building Sports Betting Links Work with OutreachPete?

With OutreachPete, you can rest assured that we will focus on the quality of links rather than the quantity; this has been proven to be more successful.

Building relevant links provides lasting results, and it is also better than wasting budget on thousands of low-quality backlinks.

1. Place Your Order

  • After logging in, choose your preferred package or tier.

  • Provide the relevant data (URLs, anchor texts, and any additional information) as requested.

  • We will begin working on your order after confirmation.

2. Creating the Content

  • All of the content produced by our writers will be high-quality, unique, and relevant to your niche.

  • Articles will be 500 words in length, but this word count can be increased for an additional price when first buying your links.

  • Your link will be the only client link included in the article; additional links will only be placed to support your content and will be from non-competing sites.

3. Contacting the Blogger

  • We will place your content on a relevant, high-authority website that publishes sports betting-related content.

  • Publishing your content will only take place after the blog has been quality-checked; this is to guarantee the link has the best possible impact.

  • As it takes additional time and effort to place sports betting links and content, this step can take slightly longer.

4. The Order is Complete

  • Completed links will be delivered as and when they are ready.

  • We aim for a quick turnaround on orders; however, in rare cases, sports betting orders can go over our usual turnaround time of 2-4 weeks.

Why Should You Use Our Sports Betting Link Building Services?

Our team here at OutreachPete works hard to ensure all of our sports betting clients receive high-quality links, which will provide sustainable results. The level of care our clients receive is not based on which link tier or package they buy; we guarantee great service to all clients.

Your sports betting website will benefit from increased traffic, increased brand awareness as well as improved rankings if you choose to work with us.

We Create Content Relevant to Sports Betting

All of our writers are native English speakers and educated at a university level, which means our content is high quality. They write unique content, tailored to the sports betting niche to ensure the best results for our clients.

We do not insert client links into old content, as this is a sure-fire way to get your site penalized by Google. We write all content from scratch, specifically for each client’s individual needs.

We Find the Best Authority Sites

Sports betting links built by OutreachPete are published in a relevant post targeting that niche, which had led to them being indexed quicker and gaining more pagerank.

We also follow the safest and most effective strategies to build sports betting links to ensure continuous growth in organic traffic.

We promise that we will never insert a link into an old article. We pride ourselves on producing our content. As it is often unique and relevant content, our articles are often found on the blog’s homepage, shared on social media platforms, and read by real people with an interest in sports betting.

We Work with Long-Term Value in Mind

As we believe in quality over quantity, we work with long-term value in mind. This means our strategies are solely white hat link building techniques with no tricks.

Although black hat techniques may offer quick wins, these results are very difficult to sustain.

We Guarantee Great Service

We understand that all clients are different and tailor our services to each client’s individual needs. Members of our team are always on hand to offer advice and assistance.

No matter which package you choose, we guarantee great service. We want our clients to be happy with the results we provide and will work hard to ensure this.

For more on this, check out our service level guarantee here.

Sports Betting Link Building Pricing

By buying sports betting links from OutreachPete, we promise reputable websites with organic traffic at competitive costs. Our prices are slightly higher for this service due to the increased time and effort needed to secure placement for sports betting links.


per link

DA 20-34

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days


per link

DA 35-44

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days


per link

DA 45+

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days

Take a look at our testimonials from previous clients and case studies here.

Please contact us to request a quote if you are interested in a betting or iGaming link building subscription.

What are the Benefits of Using Blogger Outreach Casino Link Building Services?

Higher Rankings

Our sports betting clients benefit from long-term results when they use our service, and that’s the vest same we can offer you. Our focus on white hat link building means we follow the rules and regulations set out by Google and other search engines.

Also, with such competitive pricing, OutreachPete has the best deals on offer.

White Hat Links From Relevant Sites

As previously mentioned, our strategies are white hat. We commit to this by building relationships with bloggers in different niches around the world, including bloggers in the sports industry.

Our team carries out quality checks on all of the blogs we work with, ensuring they all meet our guidelines before we begin sending them content. These checks include the Domain Authority, Domain Rating, traffic patterns, search engine rankings, and spam score.

Content Published by Editorial Staff

There are minimal footprints with OutreachPete; no guest posts or sponsored articles. Each piece we produce is published by the staff running the blog.

Due to the content being published by editorial staff, you do not need to worry about receiving Google penalties.

Better Chance of Reader Engagement

Articles written by the OutreachPete team are published and read by real people. All of our articles are well researched and well written; this makes for a better experience for the reader, who is also more likely to engage with the article.

Consultancy and Advice

With OutreachPete, you have the option to sign up for a monthly subscription. This will ensure your sports betting site receives consistent backlinks, but you will also benefit from a dedicated account manager.

Your account manager will be in the know with all things SEO, so you can feel free to pick their brain for any advice or questions you may have. They can help with decisions on anchor text and URL selection, the number of links or type of package to go for, and more. An account manager will also provide their expertise on how to improve your chances of link building and SEO success; such as conducting keyword research, understanding link velocity, etc.

If you want the extra assistance of going up against your competitors, then an account manager is a must.

We also offer discounts on monthly subscription packages; contact us today to request a quote.

Increase the Revenue of Your Sports Betting Business

Just like other areas of the online betting industry, such as iGaming and casinos, there is high competition to obtain an online presence. We can help you improve your brand awareness by growing a quality backlink profile, which will cause your revenue to increase, too.

Also, with OutreachPete helping with your link building campaign, your attention can go to other areas of your business.

What Types of Sports Betting Links Can You Expect?

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with in-content editorial links. Our white hat link building strategy ensures we follow the rules and regulations set out by Google; this is one of the key elements when improving a client’s ranking. We guarantee no black hat techniques or link insertions will be used.

Our clients know they will receive high-quality backlinks. Our writers create unique and relevant content, which is then published on websites related to the client’s niche.

Results are more likely to be organic and sustainable by using white hat techniques. This also means Google will have more reason to rank you for a longer period of time, due to the time and effort our team puts into each link building campaign.

What Websites Do We Use for Building Sports Betting Links?

For our casino clients, we guarantee that we will only work with relevant blogs. Several quality checks are carried out on the blogs we use. These checks are completed using Ahrefs, Moz and Semrush.

The below questions help us determine whether a site meets our guidelines:

There are three separate cut-off points for the DA of the blogs we work with; this is dependent on the link tier the client has bought.

  • Medium tier links will be allocated sites with a DA between 20 and 34.
  • High tier links will be allocated sites with a DA between 35 and 44.
  • Platinum tier links will be allocated websites with a DA of 45+.

Similar to DA, the organic traffic levels a website needs will depend on the chosen link tier.

  • Medium tier sites will have an organic traffic level of 100+.
  • High tier sties will have a level of 300+.
  • Platinum tier websites will have an organic traffic level of at least 500.

We are able to view the site’s traffic by country.

So, if you are based in the UK, for example, we can work to narrow down the sites to ones with UK traffic.

Unfortunately, we are unable to narrow this down further by city and other aspects of target audience. However, we can use the blog’s content to conclude the type of people who would read the articles.

If a client already has a backlink from a site, we will not select that website for their order.

We can see this by researching previous links built for a client using Ahrefs.

We will only use sites that provide dofollow links; Google is more likely to recognise this type of link.

It is a useful tactic in SEO as authority, or “link juice”, is passed to the client’s site from the placement blog.

We will not use a website if it is spammy. To avoid blogs with a lot of spam content, we look out for:

  • Page errors, broken links, etc.
  • Keyword stuffing and over optimization
  • No or very little original content
  • Lots of adverts

We will never use a blog if it includes articles labelled as “sponsored” or “guest posts”. This also includes disclaimers of affiliate links.

By ensuring there are already backlinks to casino, betting and/or gambling websites, we know the blogger will accept our content. 

It also guarantees that there are readers who have an interest in this niche.

The website categories we use for building links for our sports betting clients include:

Football Sites
Soccer Sites
Basketball Sites
Baseball Sites
Other Sports Sites

We only ever use high-quality websites for link building in the sports betting niche. However, clients should be aware that the success of our link building service relies on the client’s website content and structure as well as the publishing site.

Your website should be highly visible to ensure you receive the best results possible over the course of your link building campaign. After all, potential customers are much more likely to visit a well-organized betting site.