Payday Loan Link Building Services

  • White Hat Techniques to Achieve Sustainable Results
  • Freshly Written Content Related to Payday Loans
  • Engaging With Readers Already Interested in the Market
  • Team of SEO Specialists Who Want the Best for Our Clients

The payday loan industry is massive is America; there are almost twice as many the amount of payday lenders than McDonald’s restaurants!

But the number of lenders seeking media attention has continued to grow. This is due to the amount of people looking to borrow money also increasing; the more customers, the more room there is for competing businesses.

It has become tougher for companies to hit the top spot of search engines, especially when the company in the number one position has a large budget behind them.

Advertising is the one of the best ways to become visible online, but it requires thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, there is another method to direct potential customers to your website.

By working with an outsourced link building service, your business website will climb through the rankings to beat your competitors. The higher up in the rankings your website appears, the more likely customers are to find it. With a strong online presence, your customer base will grow.

We here at OutreachPete are one of the best in the industry.

Our team will work with you to present your website to the most relevant audience possible. Your lending company will benefit from organic traffic as well as securing your ranking if you choose our payday loan link building service.

The Payday Loan Link Building Process

OutreachPete has a proven track record of being an effective service for businesses in the payday loan industry looking to improve their online visibility. We believe that the quality of links is far more important the number of links a company has. This is why our team focuses on the relevance of the content and placement.

Due to the nature of payday loans and websites in this niche, some bloggers are reluctant to publish content containing links to this industry. Some publishers will even reject the articles altogether. Securing a high authority placement for clients in the payday loan industry can take additional time and effort.

See below for the outline of our strategy.

1. Create Your Account

  • Sign up using our client dashboard and login.

  • Choose your links or package and submit your data (URLs, anchor text and any additional data related to your payday loan site you believe the team should know).

  • Once your order has been confirmed, our team will begin working.

2. Writers Create Your Content

  • Your content will be newly written, relevant to the payday loan niche, of high-quality and will include your link.

  • Your link will be the only client link in the piece.

  • Our standard word count is 500 words; this can be increased for an additional price.

  • Additional backlinks from non-competing sites will also be included to ensure the article appears natural.

3. Researchers Find Suitable Placement

  • Sites chosen for the payday loan niche will be relevant and high authority.

  • Quality checks of each blog are completed before we begin working with them.

  • This step can be more time-consuming, as previously mentioned.

4. Your Links are Delivered

  • Your links will be delivered as they are completed.

  • Our turnaround is usually 2 – 4 weeks.

Why You Should Use the Payday Loan Link Building Services of OutreachPete

We go above and beyond for the payday loan companies and agencies that use our services. Our SEO process has been tried and tested to ensure the results can be sustained over a long period of time, and OutreachPete has a proven track record of success in the payday loan industry.

You will not be disappointed with the results we can obtain for your business.

Content is Always Relevant

Our team of writers  are all native English speakers and educated to a university level, and they will produce the best quality content related to payday loans. Their articles are written to order and tailored to the data provided by the client. This allows links to appear natural and seamless.

We do not allow duplication of content or link insertions into old articles, which sets our service apart from other blogger outreach agencies.

Sites Must Be High Authority

Once our content has been completed, it is not published on a random blog. We have a team of researched who find the most relevant site to the our payday loan clients, as an article is more likely to be accepted if it blends in with the blog’s original content.

It is also essential that the chosen site is good quality; including an appropriate domain authority, decent traffic, low spam score, to name a few checks we run.

We have built up relationships with bloggers by regularly supplying them with articles. Sometimes our content can be found on the blog homepages and any linked social media platforms. This gives the results for our payday loan clients an additional free boost.

OutreachPete will never use link farms or link building techniques that are against Google’s guidelines. This ensure the safety of our clientele, their businesses and ourselves.

Results are Sustainable

OutreachPete focuses on using only white hat link building techniques. This allows us to provide our payday loan clients with long-term results.

Although you may find faster results using black hat techniques and other unethical tricks, they will begin to dwindle just as fast.

Our Service is Great Quality

The OutreachPete team is comprised of knowledgeable SEO experts. We work hard to provide the best service and results to our clients without risking any Google penalties.

If you should ever need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us – a member of the team will always be on hand. You can read more about our service level guarantee by clicking here.

The Prices for Link Building in the Payday Loans Niche

There are a variety of link tiers and packages to choose from, so you can choose the one that best suits the needs and budget of your payday loan business.

With additional time and effort required in this specific service, we charge a premium when dealing with lending businesses. The process of finding a suitable placement for payday loans content can take longer due to bloggers rejecting the articles.

Please check the pricing table below to see which option fits you best.


per link

DA 20-34

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days


per link

DA 35-44

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days


per link

DA 45+

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days

Take a look at our testimonials from previous clients and case studies here.

If you are interested in a subscription for payday loan links, please contact us to request a quote.

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Link Building Services for Payday Lenders

Improve Search Engine Rankings

You do not want to miss out on our payday loan link building expertise. We use the safest and most ethical methods to produce long-term results. There are no tricks, just white hat techniques.

OutreachPete is the best answer to your SEO needs, whether you are looking to attract more people to a specific web page or rank higher in search engines. We strive to provide the most effective and sustainable results to our payday lender clientele.

Establish Trusted Links to Your Site

Every blog we work with has been check for Domain Authority, Domain Rating, spam score, traffic patterns and rankings; these factors are essential when building high trust backlinks. This ensures your lending business receives good quality search results without being punished by Google.

As our services are built on white hat link building methods, you can be sure your SEO strategy is clean.

Avoid Digital Footprints

To follow the rules of white hat link building, it is critical that payday loan articles are in-content and published by editorial staff. This means avoiding tags related to guest posts and paid links.

By following a clean SEO strategy, we avoid being targeted by a web algorithm.

Engage With Potential Customers

With OutreachPete, you know your links will be viewed by a real audience. We do not use link farms or take part in a network of publishing websites.

The audience your post will receive is guaranteed to be real as we use blogs owned by other internet users, who we have built a trusted relationship with. These websites will be relevant to your niche and will have previously posted articles related to payday loans; the readers are more likely to have already shown an interest in borrowing money from payday lenders.

As our writers produce content that is to a high standard, some bloggers will feature the client articles on their homepage and share on their social media pages, which is a great way to increase traffic.

Receive Specialist Consultancy

If you want to receive one-on-one help from an SEO expert, you should sign up to one of our subscriptions. You will receive assistance from an account manager, who will be dedicated to your account.

Your account manager will take you through the best pages of your business website with the most linking opportunities. Their knowledge will put you ahead of your competitors. Some of the aspects your account manager will assist with include web page and anchor text selection as well as algorithms, audits, etc.

They will lead you during the process if you are new to SEO, explaining the various options you have, and will advise you on your goals. For example, if you wish to generate a younger audience, the account manager might suggest targeting websites for a millennial audience as a good idea.

However, if you have a good understanding of SEO, then your account manager will work in the background and do the heavy lifting for you.

Contact us now to request a quote for payday loan link building monthly subscription packages.

Grow Your Revenue

The industry specialising in payday loans is a tough one to crack; the competition is relentless.

With one of the leading blogger outreach services behind you, your brand awareness and web traffic has the potential to soar. This is why you should choose OutreachPete.

We will work tirelessly building links for you, improving your website’s ranking, while you can focus on other area’s of your business. Your revenue is sure to benefit from this.

What Types of Backinks Will You Receive in the Payday Lenders Niche?

Google has become aware of certain link building techniques in recent years. To win the search engine over, it is essential that you follow the rules – and that is exactly what we do at OutreachPete.

If a person is caught abusing the system to improve the optimization of their lending site, with strategies like comment spam and link farms, then their site is going to be punished. We avoid this by respecting the rules and regulations set out by Google and using clean tactics to avoid detection from search engine algorithms.

Our backlinks are created to give Google a reason to rank your payday loan website higher for longer. This means completing the link building process to the best standards. Hence why our team puts in a lot of effort to write fresh and relevant content, find a site that has previously published posts related to the payday lender industry, and so on.

What Types of Websites Do We Use?

It is important to determine the quality of a site before we pitch our payday loan articles to them, and we use a variety of software to do this; such as Ahrefs, Moz and Semrush. Only once a site passes our audits will be establish a connection with the blogger.

To see if the blog meets the guidelines and specifications for the payday loan client’s chosen link or package, the researching team must answer the following questions:

There are three separate cut-off points for the DA of the blogs we work with; this is dependent on the link tier the client has bought.

  • Medium tier links will be allocated sites with a DA between 20 and 34.
  • High tier links will be allocated sites with a DA between 35 and 44.
  • Platinum tier links will be allocated websites with a DA of 45+.

Similar to DA, the organic traffic levels a website needs will depend on the chosen link tier.

  • Medium tier sites will have an organic traffic level of 100+.
  • High tier sties will have a level of 300+.
  • Platinum tier websites will have an organic traffic level of at least 500.

We are able to view the site’s traffic by country.

So, if you are based in the UK, for example, we can work to narrow down the sites to ones with UK traffic.

Unfortunately, we are unable to narrow this down further by city and other aspects of target audience. However, we can use the blog’s content to conclude the type of people who would read the articles.

If a client already has a backlink from a site, we will not select that website for their order.

We can see this by researching previous links built for a client using Ahrefs.

We will only use sites that provide dofollow links; Google is more likely to recognise this type of link.

It is a useful tactic in SEO as authority, or “link juice”, is passed to the client’s site from the placement blog.

We will not use a website if it is spammy. To avoid blogs with a lot of spam content, we look out for:

  • Page errors, broken links, etc.
  • Keyword stuffing and over optimization
  • No or very little original content
  • Lots of adverts

We will never use a blog if it includes articles labelled as “sponsored” or “guest posts”. This also includes disclaimers of affiliate links.

By ensuring there are already backlinks to payday loan websites, we know the blogger will accept our content. 

It also guarantees that there are readers who have an interest in this niche.

Here are the categories of websites we use for building links in the payday lenders industry:

Business Sites
Tech Sites
Finance Sites
Lifestyle Sites

Before signing up for our services, it is important to remember that the success of your SEO campaign is not solely based on our work or the publishing website. Some of the success lies upon your business’ website.

If you wish to rank higher in the Google search engine, you must first ensure that your site is Google-friendly. Make sure every page of your site is well organised and has a clear structure, especially pages your wish to direct more traffic to. Do some keyword research and see what your competitors’ sites are like; this will help you see why they’re ranking higher than you.

Our services are designed to help you climb higher in the search results, but only an easily accessible site with high quality content will be deemed worthy on the top spot by Google.