Dating Link
Building Services

Roughly, a third of all American adults have
used online dating sites at one stage of their life.

These people could be using your site if you improved your
online visibility with OutreachPete.

A report carried out by the Pew Research Center in 2020 found that 30% of adults in the U.S. have admitted to using an online dating site or app.

Where people used to meet through friends or in public places, they now find relationships scrolling on the web. The world of dating has moved online in recent years, like most other aspects of life. For companies that specialise in the online dating niche, the workload has increased with the number of potential website users.

However, dating businesses face tough competition from others in the industry due to the struggle building a strong enough online presence.

But this is why reliable link building agencies, like OutreachPete, exist.

We help dating website clients increase their user engagement by building links to pages on their site, which creates more traffic and also bumps the site higher in Google’s search ranking. The better the spot in the search engine rankings, the more visible your site will be to potential users.

Our link building services for dating sites will help you receive the benefits of an increase in traffic without the hard work. In fact, by taking on their SEO efforts, we actually help businesses focus on other areas of their workload.

The online dating industry has become saturated with companies, bringing an extremely competitive edge to the sector. If you want to improve your internet presence and guarantee your SEO strategy is on the right track, then using OutreachPete’s link building services for dating sites is the best choice.

How the Link Building Process Works in the Online Dating Niche

1. Sign Up & Sign In

  • Sign up and log into our easy-to-use client dashboard.

  • Choose which links or subscription package you want to buy and include the data you want your online dating site to rank for (URL, anchor text and any additional information).

  • We’ll get started on your order once it is confirmed and added to our work queue.

2. Write the Article

  • Our team will write high-quality, unique content related to your area of expertise – dating.

  • The length of our content begins at 500 words, but this can be increased to 750 or 1000 words for an additional price, and will include the your submitted data.

  • Non-competing backlinks will also be included in the article to avoid Google penalties.

  • You will be the only client link in the post.

3. Pitch to the Blogger

  • We will find high authority blogs relevant to your online dating website to publish your content.

  • We quality check all blogs we work with to ensure linking to them will achieve the best result possible.

  • This step can take slightly longer than links from other niches due to the additional effort it takes to place content linking back to dating sites.

4. Deliver the Links

  • Your successful link placements will be delivered as they are completed.

  • Our turnaround is between 2 – 4 weeks for dating site clients.

Why You Should Use Our Link Building Blogger Outreach For Dating Websites

Creating Content For Dating Sites

Our writers, who are all university educated and native English speakers, create unique, high-quality content that is relevant to dating and relationships. We avoid inserting links into old content at all costs, as this can result in unnatural linkage and arouse duplicate content problems.

We have a team of researchers who will find suitable blogs to publish your content. It is vital that the content fits the site as bloggers are more likely to publish a piece if it suits their site.

Finding Placements Relevant to the Online Dating Niche

We follow the most effective way of link building to ensure traffic to your dating site continues to grow organically over a period of time. This is the safest method of link building to help you hit your target.

There are outreach services that will insert client links into already existing content, but we do not allow this. We pride ourselves on producing new, dating-related content and finding trustworthy bloggers to publish it.

Our published pieces can be found on the site’s homepage, social media pages and end up being read online by real people.

Links built by OutreachPete are indexed quicker on, gain more pagerank and are published in fresh content related to your company and/or industry.

Providing Results Guaranteed to Last

Our team works with the goal of giving our dating site clients long-term value. This means no tricks, just a white hat link building strategy.

Although black hat techniques produce results quickly, we avoid using these techniques as it is very difficult to sustain.

Great Service For Our Dating Site Clients

We are a team of SEO experts who are dedicated to providing the best value to our online dating clients as well as keeping them, and their businesses, safe. If you need any advice or want to ask a question regarding a backlink, a member of our team will be there for you.

Click here to read our service level guarantee.

Pricing of Link Building For the Dating Niche

Dating companies should have a budget when they first begin their journey to build links, but they should also keep in mind that our prices are slightly higher for this sector. Some bloggers are reluctant or outright refuse to publish posts that focus on dating, relationships, etc. so it can take longer to find suitable placements.

This is due to the risqué nature of some articles related to this niche.

Our standards are consistent over all prices, but we charge a premium for this service to reflect the additional time and effort that goes into securing publication sites for content with dating links.


per link

DA 20-34

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days


per link

DA 35-44

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days


per link

DA 45+

100% Genuine Outreach
Real Sites With Real Traffic
Content Writing Included
You Select URL & Anchor Text
Turnaround 14-28 days

Find testimonials from previous clients and case studies here.

If you would like a subscription for your dating site link building, you can contact us today for a quote.

How You Benefit from Using Blogger Outreach Link Building Services for Dating Websites

Climb the Rankings for Dating Sites

Long-term results are what you want for your online dating business, and that’s exactly what we offer. We use white hat strategies that will result in attracting traffic and making vital improvements to your site’s rankings.

As we strive to get the best results for our clients, OutreachPete is the best solution for agencies, businesses and marketers in the online dating industry who are looking for a reliable outsourced link building service at a competitive price.

Our linking expertise is not to be missed.

Gain Suitable and Trusted Backlinks

To give your online dating website the best possible results without risking Google penalties, we run multiple checks and audits of every site we work with. DA, DR, traffic patterns, spam score and rankings; these aspects are all checked as we believe they are critical to the link building strategy.

As a white hat link building service, we only use ethical methods to build outbound links to our online dating clients’ websites.

Aim to Avoid Digital Footprints

We do not post dating content under guest post, sponsored or paid links tags, and we do not insert links into old blog posts.

Your content is created fresh by our team of writers and published by the website owners and staff. This erases the concern of a ranking algorithm detecting your backlink and you facing Google penalties.

Gain an Audience Already Interested in Online Dating

By working with real sites relevant to the online dating niche, we avoid link farms. This means your article will be obtaining a target audience of readers who have already shown an interest in online dating sites.

Readers are more likely to engage with your link, and your site might gain more attention as a result, if the site linking back to your page has the right audience. For example, if you are aiming to get more young adults to create profiles on your dating site, you’ll want to target web pages with millennial readers.

There is even a chance your blog post will often be featured on the homepage, new post section and shared on social media channels; just another boost to your site traffic!

SEO Experts’ Advice

If you sign up for a monthly subscription package, you will be assigned a dedicated and reliable account manager.

This SEO specialist will advise you on the best data to use, including the most effective URL and possible phrases to be used as the anchor text. They will be with you from your very first link. You will have the ultimate advantage against your online dating site competitors. Their expert knowledge will also come in helpful in regards to facing Google algorithms.

Your account manager will also help customise your chosen data to fit the web and your needs. They will give your their expertise on long tail keywords, partial match or natural links to your own website, Google index and so on. This will ensure that any links you make with us are search engine-friendly.

Our monthly link building packages are often discounted, meaning this is a good way to save money on your SEO efforts. Quotes can be requested here.

Boost Your Revenue

There is plenty of competition in the online dating industry, but OutreachPete is here to help increase brand awareness by focusing on building links to online dating sites. This will increase revenue and give our clients’ more time to focus on growing their dating sites.

The Types of Links Dating Website Clients Can Expect From OutreachPete

We here at OutreachPete prefer to provide in-content editorial links; this offers our dating clients the best results.

We do not follow black hat link building techniques or offer link insertion into old blog posts. Our team respect the rules and regulations set out by Google, all of which we believe are essential elements of gaining success in the search engine rankings.

To avoid being penalised by Google, our strategies follow the ones set by white hat link building, working to the guidelines set out by the search engine to improve the user experience. The results from our link building are more likely to be organic and sustained for a longer period of time; this is due to our team creating unique content relevant to the client’s online dating niche that includes a good standard of links.

Our team works hard to ensure our strategies will provide Google with a reason to rank you higher in the search results for a longer period of time.

What Types of Websites Do We Use for Dating Link Building?

OutreachPete only works with sites that are relevant to the dating niche, have passed several checks, and meet our link tiers’ standards.

To check the standard of the sites, we use a variety of software, such as Ahrefs, Moz and Semrush. If the website meets the guidelines for the tier chosen by the client, then we will use it.

Our team determines whether or not the blog can be used by answering the following questions:

There are three separate cut-off points for the DA of the blogs we work with; this is dependent on the link tier the client has bought.

  • Medium tier links will be allocated sites with a DA between 20 and 34.
  • High tier links will be allocated sites with a DA between 35 and 44.
  • Platinum tier links will be allocated websites with a DA of 45+.

Similar to DA, the organic traffic levels a website needs will depend on the chosen link tier.

  • Medium tier sites will have an organic traffic level of 100+.
  • High tier sties will have a level of 300+.
  • Platinum tier websites will have an organic traffic level of at least 500.

We are able to view the site’s traffic by country.

So, if you are based in the UK, for example, we can work to narrow down the sites to ones with UK traffic.

Unfortunately, we are unable to narrow this down further by city and other aspects of target audience. However, we can use the blog’s content to conclude the type of people who would read the articles.

If a client already has a backlink from a site, we will not select that website for their order.

We can see this by researching previous links built for a client using Ahrefs.

We will only use sites that provide dofollow links; Google is more likely to recognise this type of link.

It is a useful tactic in SEO as authority, or “link juice”, is passed to the client’s site from the placement blog.

We will not use a website if it is spammy. To avoid blogs with a lot of spam content, we look out for:

  • Page errors, broken links, etc.
  • Keyword stuffing and over optimization
  • No or very little original content
  • Lots of adverts

We will never use a blog if it includes articles labelled as “sponsored” or “guest posts”. This also includes disclaimers of affiliate links.

By ensuring there are already backlinks to dating websites, we know the blogger will accept our content. 

It also guarantees that there are readers who have an interest in this niche.

Here are the categories of websites we use for link building in the dating niche:

Relationship Sites
Family Sites
Lifestyle Sites

Our team will only ever use the best performing websites when linking to dating sites. However, clients should be aware that the success of our link building efforts relies on both the publishing and the sites we are linking to.

OutreachPete’s blogger outreach services are designed to help clients effectively achieve the best position in the search engines; the goal is to get and stay ahead of the competition by attracting more people to the site. 

It is vital that the client ensures their site is not only visible, but highly visible, as this will improve their users’ experience.

A well organised site, with clear Google-approved content pages, is more likely to gain loyal users and customers than industry-related sites with very similar pages with little linking opportunities. 

This is even more important for an interactive site, like dating sites, which need functional profile pages.