Link Building
in the Auto Repair Niche


Small business owners are one of the groups of people who struggle with SEO the most.

Due to time constraints SEO makes up a very small amount of their time, or it is outsourced to an agency.

Unfortunately in the small business SEO space, many agencies are happy to charge a monthly retainer, but not actually deliver much work.

This is what was happening with the auto repair client in this case study. After years of paying the same web agency a monthly fee there was nothing but stagnated search rankings.

The website had been stuck switching between positions 9 to 11 for well over a year and the owner was fed up. So he approached OutreachPete for help and we turned things around in a few short months.

Growth Numbers​

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How We Did It​

Read on to find out a little more about the client and how they got such outstanding rankings from our service.

The Owner’s Challenge

The business owner was told by his web design / digital agency that for his monthly fee of $400 they were doing the following:

  • Requested Content changes
  • Keyword optimization
  • Mobile and speed optimization
  • Link optimization

As far as he was aware all of this was being done on a monthly basis, but the reports were minimal and there wasn’t much of an ‘audit trail’ to go on.

Unhappy with the results, the business owner decided to educate himself on SEO so that he could actually validate what was being done.

What he found out to his surprise was that in a local niche such as auto repair, once your website is set up there’s very little to do month-on-month.

The website was actually well designed and optimized for their target keywords. However, when the owner looked into the ‘link optimization’ he discovered that there was little more than a bunch of spammy directory links created when the website was launched several years ago.

He decided that if he was to see growth in his website’s rankings and traffic it would come from building new links.


It was clear what needed to be done, the brand needed to get focused on link building again in this noisy market where you evidently couldn’t stay still.

Putting Together a Game Plan

Discouraged by the ethics of his current agency the owner decided to go out and build these links himself.

He did extensive research into link building techniques, what tools to use, how to craft outreach emails. However, when it came to actually implementing them he just didn’t have the time in-amongst all of the other duties required of him.

While conducting his research he had seen several positive endorsements of OutreachPete as a trusted link building partner.

So, he decided to give us a shot over a 3 month period to see if our service would provide results. The owner built his own package of 2x High tier and 2x Medium tier per month

Executing the 3 Month Plan

Most clients will simply sign up to our dashboard, mix and match their links for the order and provide their URLs and anchor text.

However, due to this client’s negative experiences previously he wanted to be more closely involved with the actual link building process.

He asked if he was able to screen the content and the sites we reached out to before going ahead with anything. Since he was a new customer and was wary of using outsourced providers we were happy to oblige.

After the 1st month the client was more than impressed with both the quality of the content we produced and the authority of the sites we work with. He let us work without any screening required for his 2nd and 3rd month as a result.


Although just a small campaign these links absolutely transformed inquiries and business transactions for the local operator!

After month 3 the client is now sitting #1 for their main keyword and couldn’t be happier! In fact, the business is actually seeing ongoing growth even after our campaign has finished.

He isn’t an ongoing customer of OutreachPete as he’s happy with the results of this 3 month campaign. However, he tells us he’ll be back to top up his links periodically over time.

Growth Numbers​

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